Burmese Ministry

Burmese Refugee Ministry in Western Thailand and Burma

Strategic Global Missions is empowering indigenous leaders along the Thai- Burma border to fulfill the ministry that God has already put on their hearts. SGM raises monetary support for the ministries and sends one mission team each year to encourage the local staff and set goals for the next year.

Feed My Lambs

An empowerment ministry in Thailand for underprivileged children and young people from Burma. They are given a place to live in a family community, sent to a local migrant school, discipled in their faith and taught age appropriate leadership and small business skills. The goal is to help them be ready to return to Burma to provide leadership and train others in their communities.

IDP Camp Ministry

IDP stands for Internally Displaced Peoples. IDP camps in Burma exist where people have been driven from their original communities and are living on the run. Camps of families set up in the woods and jungles trying to live a normal life as they hide from military/government forces. They are in continual fear of discovery and losing their lives and families. IDP camps do not have outside support from humanitarian aid organizations. They do not have formal schools and have little way to produce food and supplies. SGM provides humanitarian aid when a new camp forms, to help them get started. SGM also provides supplies to help start a school and a church.

When an IDP camp is attacked in Burma, people are killed, women and girls are raped and people are often tortured. If they escape, they will start a new community together, SGM helps to support the new camp set up in a different part of Burma. SGM provides bedding, food and supplies to help families get settled until they can begin to rebuild.

SGM also provides support of the planting of a new school and church in the community. Primarily a humanitarian aid effort, all money is given to the above needs in the first week of re-settlement.

Ways to Donate:

Food and supplies for one community - $1500 - $3000 (depending on size of camp).
Family sponsorship - $20