Burmese Ministry

Feed My Lambs Foundation | Mae Sot, Thailand

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The Feed My Lambs ministry in western Thailand, along the Thai/Burma border, was established to support migrant children from Burma (Myanmar) whose families are caught in political turmoil. The children have endured war and poverty and come to FML for the opportunity for education and physical and spiritual development in a healthy and loving environment.


Feed My Lambs Facilities

Main house, boy’s dorm, girl’s dorm, meeting room and separate bathroom facilities.

Feed My Lambs Directors

  • Ivy Awe Awe – Founder and Director
  • Pyae Sone (Joseph) – Assistant Director and Accounts Handling
  • Kristen Jones – Director of Strategic Global Missions and F.M.L. Fundraising Coordinator

Current funding status:

S.G.M. is currently receiving approx. $3500/mo. for the Feed My Lambs ministry. S.G.M. is in need of an additional $3700/mo., to adequately meet the needs of F.M.L.

Feed My Lambs currently cares for 55 children and teenagers and is helping to:
Provide a better way of life through the provision of food, shelter, health and spiritual guidance. Provide educational and vocational training opportunities, in order to decrease trafficking and drug abuse risk. Provide a loving, family atmosphere without disconnecting the students from families or roots. Develop influential leaders who will eventually stand for better values and integrity for Burma and Thailand.

Feed My Lambs is a Christian organization and a ministry of Strategic Global Missions, Missouri City, Texas.
All donations received for Feed My Lambs go directly to the ministry in Thailand. No fees are removed for S.G.M. overhead. S.G.M. is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. Donations may be made payable to Strategic Global Missions. 3611 Cat Springs Lane. Missouri City, Texas 77459.

Current Children's Home

New Children's Home

Building Project

Feed My Lambs is an empowerment ministry in Thailand for underprivileged children and young people from Myanmar (Burma). They are given a place to live in a family community, sent to a local migrant school, discipled in their faith and taught age appropriate leadership and small business skills. The goal is to help them be ready to return to Myanmar (Burma) to provide leadership and train others in their communities.

The new Feed My Lambs home will house up to 50 children and will cost approximately $85,000 to construct. This will include two dormitories, three bathrooms, a large living and dining area, large kitchen, laundry facilities, two meeting rooms and an office. We have broken the amount into 17 giving units. If you would like to be involved in providing the new home and are able to commit, we are grateful. We have currently raised $20,000 toward the goal and our goal is to raise the remaining $65,000.

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