Strategic Global Missions invests in creative, strategic ministries that are empowering the poor and oppressed around the world and sharing the good news and hope that is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Burmese Refugee Ministry in Western Thailand and Burma

Strategic Global Missions is empowering indigenous leaders along the Thai- Burma border to fulfill the ministry that God has already put on their hearts. SGM raises monetary support for the ministries and sends one mission team each year to encourage the local staff and set goals for the next year. We are focused on four ministries along the border and in Burma, empowering families, children and young people to be ready to lead, as sanctions against Burma are lightened and they are able to return to their homes.

Salvation to Children Project

The Salvation to Children Project gives a book to a child living in poverty who may have never owned their own book, encouraging them to read. The message of the book shares about God's love through a personal relationship with Christ, in a way that is easy for children to understand. Books are available in English, Chinese, Spanish and a book in Haitian Creole is currently being produced.