Feed My Lambs Moving to Myanmar (Burma) in 2017

After much prayer and discernment, we are pleased to announce that we will be moving Feed My Lambs, currently on the Thai-Burma border to Myanmar (Burma) in 2017. The political climate has changed drastically in Myanmar in the last 4 years. The country is now open and it is time to take the children “home” so that they may build their lives and futures in the country they seek to influence.

Feed My Lambs was invited to purchase land in a completely Buddhist village in southern Myanmar and relocate the home. The village leaders have asked our directors to provide after school programs for the children in the three village schools. This will not be Christian education, but is an open door to build relationships where there have been none. Feed My Lambs children will also attend school in this village and will interact with the local children. Feed My Lambs will remain an openly Christian organization and we believe that the Lord is opening doors for influence in the region.

We purchased 7 acres of property last year in the village (for safety of the ministry, will remain un-named). The home, when it is complete, will also be able to accommodate more children who need a stable environment and education.

Honduras Book Distribution

Fall 2014

Eagle Pass Book Reading & Distribution

Fall 2014

In the Los Angeles Heights Community in Eagle Pass, TX with Mission Border Hope.

Thailand Book Presentation

Aug 2014

The first presentation to Thai Children in a public school.

Book Expanded to New Languages


Mommy What is Salvation is now avilable in Haitian, Creole & Burmese

2013 Book Distributions

Locations: China, Haiti, Cuba, Eagle Pass

China Book Distribution
  • Greater Wenzhou : 3800 books
  • Beijing City : 1000 books
  • Liaoning : 1000 books
  • Shanghai city : 800 books
  • Wuhan : 500 books
  • Xiamen : 500 books
  • Hong Kong : 200 books
  • Other Provinces : 2000 books

Recent Gallery Additions


  • Donate
  • Burmese Refugee Ministry

    Strategic Global Missions is empowering indigenous leaders along the Thai- Burma border to fulfill the ministry that God has already put on their hearts. SGM raises monetary support for the ministries and sends one mission team each year to encourage the local staff and set goals for the next year. We are focused on four ministries along the border and in Burma, at this time.

  • Salvation to Children Project

    Strategic Global Missions invests in empowering people of all ages. The Salvation to Children Project was designed to give a book to a child living in poverty who may have never owned their own book, encouraging them to read. The message of the book shares about God's love through a personal relationship with Christ, in a way that is easy for children to understand.

Past Events


  • Jan: Book DIstribution to China
  • Feb: Book Distribution to Haiti through Mission of Hope Haiti
  • April: Books Distribution to Cuba and Eagle Pass (Mission Border Hopes)
  • July: Books Distribution to Nicaragua (Open Hearts Ministry)
Book Distributions
  • China - January and September
  • Cuba - April and November
  • Eagle Pass, TX. - April, October and Decemeber
  • Nicaragua - July
  • Guatemala - October
  • Haiti - November
  • Feb 12th: Book Reading at Bethany UMC
  • Feb.: Booklets to Haiti
  • April 1st: Wesley Academy
  • May: Booklets to Cuba and Eagle Pass
  • June: Booklets to Thailand and Burma
  • June 4-7th: Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
  • June 10th Mommy, What is Salvation?books given to children in Anchorage Alaska with GraceWorks Alaska
  • July: Books to Guatemala and Honduras
  • Summer: Second 10,000 books distributed in China
  • November: Books distributed in Cuba
  • Summer: Booklet distributions in Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, Alaska and Thailand.
  • Oct. 22nd: Shiloh Christian Bookstore (Houston)
  • Nov. 10th: Life Enrichment of Houston
  • Nov. 27th: Bethany Methodist Church (Houston)
  • Dec. 20th: First 10,000 books distributed in China
Book Release Date:
  • August 9, 2011 - English
  • December 2011 - Chinese (Mandarin)
  • July 1, 2012 - Spanish