Mommy What is Salvation?

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Mommy What is Salvation?

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Mami, Que es la Salvacion?

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  • Are your children asking tough questions about God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit? Are you ready to explain more about faith with them but find the explanation too advanced? "Mommy, What Is Salvation?" is the story of a child with questions about a term she has learned at church and doesn't understand. The mother asks God to help her with an explanation. The story that unfolds is that explanation. A simple way to explain a complex, even unexplainable act of God's grace.

    This book is dedicated in loving memory to June Gray Wyrick.
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    June Gray Wyrick, Author
    June Gray Wyrick was raised in Magnolia, AR. where she learned about Jesus at a young age from her parents. A graduate of Hendrix College, she became an elementary school teacher and married her childhood sweetheart, Kelvin Wyrick, in 1964. June felt a call to minister to children and put most of her time into raising her own children, Kristen, Kelvin Jr. and Michael. This story helped to define her life as she was always looking and praying for ways to share Christ with others. A continual servant to everyone around her, each day she allowed Jesus to sit on the throne of her heart.

    Kristen Wyrick Jones, Author
    Kristen Wyrick Jones was raised in Texarkana, AR. After learning about Jesus from her parents at a young age, she was aware of a special calling on her life. A graduate of the University of Arkansas and Arkansas Institute of Theology, Kristen worked in youth ministry for 18 years and is currently the Director of Missions for First Methodist Church of Houston, TX. She and her husband Dan, a pastor at Bethany United Methodist Church in Houston, spend a lot of time in local and foreign missions. Kristen's heart is to serve families living in poverty and to make, "Mommy, What is Salvation?", available to children living in third world countries.

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Sending Books Overseas

Purchase a book in English, send a book to China and Latin America.
20,000 “Mommy, What is Salvation?” books have been sent to China for ministry to migrant children, since Dec. 2011. Ministries in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba and Nicaragua have requested books for outreach, as well. For every book purchased in English or Spanish, a book will be sent to China and Latin America.

Salvation to Children Booklets
Paper coloring booklets are available for ministry outreach in Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese. For more information on booklets contact us.

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I need more books!!! I am so excited about them they are such a good thing to give to the children. They receive them with so much excitement. I ask our kids why the others liked them so much and they said it is because books are a luxury here and the book has good pictures and shiny pages. I went today to an area way out in the middle of no were and the kids wanted the books so bad and wanted have extras for their friends. In their culture when you give them a book they are obligated to read it if they except. Today we just handed them out the window of the van and it was awesome you should have been here. I type this with tears in my eyes and thank you and your mother so much. Can we get some more books? I need 1000. Would you think about a book for adults?

Chuck Harper
Jeremiah 29 Missions