Salvation to Children Project

Salvation to Children Project

Strategic Global Missions invests in empowering people of all ages. The Salvation to Children Project was designed to give a book to a child living in poverty who may have never owned their own book, encouraging them to read. The message of the book shares about God's love through a personal relationship with Christ, in a way that is easy for children to understand.

Mommy, What is Salvation?

by: June Gray Wyrick & Kristen Wyrick Jones

Book distribution

Since 2012, books have been distributed in the following countries:

China - 20,000 books in Mandarin distributed in mainland China to migrant children and their families.

Latin America - Books in Spanish have been distributed in Guatemala and Honduras and are requested for Nicaragua and Cuba.

U.S.A. - Books in English distributed Texas and Alaska

Booklet distribution

Paper booklets have been used for ministry outreaches to children in:

Haiti - Booklets distributed in Haitian Creole

Brazil - Booklets distributed in Portugese

Burmese - Booklets distributed in Burmese to refugee children in western Thailand

How to Send a Book to a Child

  • The purchase of each book in English or Spanish, will send 2 books to children living in Latin America and China.

  • You may donate directly to send books to Latin America and China. A donation of $3 will put a book in the hands
    of a child living in poverty.

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